Valentina Vezzali - Italian Olympic Gold Medals Winner


“Valentina Vezzali is an Italian fencer, she won six Olympic Gold Medals in foil competitions. Meeting her was a great pleasure, she’s a beautiful person and seeing her wearing our jewelry was thrilling.”

Stefania Ferri CEO Casetta di Marzapane Bijoux


Clara Alonso - Argentine Actress

Clara Alonso Argentine Actress

“Clara Alonso is an almost mythic figure among younger girls, because she played Angie in the hugely successful TV series ‘Violetta’ on the Disney Channel. You can imagine our surprise and delight when we learned that the producers of the program ‘Angie and the Recipes of Violetta’ intended to use our jewelry to complete Clara’s look. We’ve loved seeing her, so sunny and charming, wearing our jewelry.”

Stefania Ferri CEO Casetta di Marzapane Bijoux

Lina Montanari - TV Personality and Lookmaker

Lina Montanari Television Personality and Lookmaker

“Lina is one of my favorite TV stars, sweet and very likeable. She hosts a program that’s broadcast on the Mediaset La5 channel, where various young women are invited onto the show to undergo a complete makeover of their look. We really like the way that Lina succeeds in bringing out each one’s special features, plus we enjoy seeing the transformations. When Lina showed her appreciation of our jewelry by wearing it on her show, we were thrilled.”

Stefania Ferri CEO Casetta di Marzapane Bijoux

Detto Fatto Rai 2

Detto Fatto

“So happy our jewel, Angel Ring, was chosen to be worn by a model at the tv show “Detto Fatto” on Rai 2 Channel.”

Stefania Ferri CEO Casetta di Marzapane Bijoux

Fashion Girls

Lucrezia Cappelli - Italian Snapfluencer

Lucrezia Cappelli Italian Snapfluencer

“Everybody knows her as Lullls, a young Snapfluencer who embodies the Neapolitan imagination. We really like her look and her style, and we were interested to discover how much our jewelry appeals to the younger girls.”

Sales Team Casetta Di Marzapane Bijoux

Patrizia Iorio - Italian Model and Actress

Patrizia Iorio Italian Model

“Patrizia wears C di M B jewelry and put together this look for us. It’s been delightful to share part of our dream with her, and to see this must-have bracelet from our collection complimenting her beauty.”

Director of Marketing C di M B

Valeria Arizzi - Beauty Reporter on

Valeria Arizzi - Beauty Reporter on the

“Hello lovelies, one of this season’s must-have is the faux-fur, both in statement colours, especially bright red, and in classic neutral shades, like the one I’m wearing today. To perk up the whole look I styled it with aztec print pants,while I added some color with my lovely bracelet by Casetta di Marzapane Bijoux”

Valeria Arizzi Coco et La vie en rose Fashion&Beauty Blog