Cinderella Pearl Earrings

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Cinderella Pearl Earrings, handmade earrings with synthetic pearl, stainless steel and organza ribbon, these asymmetric earrings are totally hypoallergenic.

Asymmetric Earrings

6 grams

$20.48 $19.54


Cinderella Pearl Earrings, asymmetric earrings made of steel inspired by the Cinderella Fairytale.

The short one embeds a pearl.

Light and comfortable, they fit perfectly into an elegant yet casual look.

Modern haircuts, underlined by these charming pieces of modern jewelry.



Cinderella Carriage Bangle

Cinderella Slipper Bracelet



Jewelry in stainless steel, doesn’t rust or discolor.

It can come into contact with water and perfume, but take it off before you go to sleep.

Can be cleaned with soap and water.


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3 reviews for Cinderella Pearl Earrings

  1. Insoojin

    Lovely jewels! Just put on my bucket list 🙂

  2. Claudia

    Uno dei miei modelli preferiti, leggerissimo è molto elegante ❤️ Ben fatto, l’unica cosa, preferivo una coppia uguale.

  3. Barbara (verified owner)

    Voglio tutti i modelli!!!sono spettacolari …complimenti

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